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Do you have the winning pitching content for a successful crowdfunding marketing campaign?

Serkan produced the pitch deck and pitching content that helped us reach 174% of our target raise in a matter of weeks. He has an insight into the investors’ mindset and knows what works.
— Dan, Founder, DownYourHighStreet

Essential content for a successful crowdfunding marketing campaign

A crowdfunding marketing campaign helps you achieve more than just raising funds for your business; it helps you create brand awareness and grow your audience.



An executive summary

You will need a single page executive summary featuring all the essentials that would motivate an investor to ask for more information. This document should tell investors about your business model, general market outlook, team, round details, basic finances, and a clear exit strategy.



Crowdfunding pitch deck

As for any equity funding round, your pitch deck is the backbone of the whole crowdfunding marketing campaign. This is ideally a standalone PDF document, ideally with a 16:9 format, no more than 20 slides and built on a bullet-proof content flow making it easy to understand.



Crowdfunding pitch banner

Whichever platform you are using to raise funds, you will need an eye-catching banner communicating the right brand image and delivering the right message. The crucial thing is to attract attention to your pitch page and make platform visitors click on your campaign.



Crowdfunding page visuals

Finally, the platforms give you the opportunity to upload images that show your products, people, offices or accomplishments to support your campaign. Each platform has different guidelines meaning they don't just let you share anything you like.


How will the process work for you?


Step 1

Brand messaging review

The first thing you have to be sure about is your branding. You need the right brand first to instil trust in lead investors and secondly to attract a new audience and start growing your brand awareness. That's why you will go through a brand review process before we start working on your campaign content. If your brand fails the test, I will refresh your brand and leave a major rebranding project to the post-raise stage.

Step 2

Pitch suite review

After you upload your deck for a review, you will receive feedback featuring a list of changes needed to make the deck content better. Then, you can either amend your copy and content on your own, work with a copywriter you know, or work with our trusted copywriting partners who are experienced in crowdfunding campaigns. Your executive summary will also be reviewed at this stage if you have one.

Step 3

Delivery of new pitch

You will first receive your executive summary as a standalone PDF document designed in Adobe Illustrator. Then, a fully editable version of your crowdfunding pitch deck in Keynote or Powerpoint. In our experience, executive summaries don't change much but investor decks often see a few rounds of amendments. And finally, you will receive two different crowdfunding campaign banner options to choose from.


96% success ratio

in 40+ crowdfunding marketing campaigns

Crowdfunding is 10% about the idea, 90% whether the investor believes in the package. Serkan, through his branding and start-up branding expertise, can present the package in a way no one else can. He constantly increases our crowdfunding success rates.
— John Auckland, Founder, TribeFirst

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