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98% of my clients pitching for funding have seen success. Upload your pitch deck and be next.

Serkan produced the pitch deck that helped us reach 174% of our target raise in a matter of weeks. He has an insight into the investors’ mindset and knows what works.
— Dan, Founder, DownYourHighStreet

How strong is your investment deck?


Your pitch deck is the backbone of your crowdfunding and venture capital funding campaign.

A solid combination of a pitch deck and an executive summary is essential for your funding success, presenting your offering in an engaging way and making sure potential investors fully understand your proposition and the key points you want to communicate.


What content do you need for funding success?


executive summary

An executive summary is a one-page document giving essential information to attract investors' attention. The objective of this document is to start the conversation and motivate investors to engage with you further.


investor deck

You may need two versions of your deck: one to present in person and one to share. The version you would share should be a stand-alone PDF document and give all relevant data about your proposition.


presentation deck

The second version of your deck is to present in an event or a meeting. This second version would ideally have fewer slides and be designed with consideration to your presentation script and investor persona.


If you are running a crowdfunding marketing campaign, you will need a bit more than this


How will the process work for you?


step 1

Upload your version for review

The first thing I need to see is your content. Your deck and executive summary will be reviewed for content flow, structure, communication language and how you articulate your message. Then you will be told what's missing and what's needed to be improved. You can upload your content in any format for a review but you will be asked to send your copy in a format that we can directly edit when we get to the design stage.


  • FREE 30 min review call


step 2

Send your final content

After we all agree to the changes to your copy and decide on your content flow, you will be asked to share the final version of your deck copy, brand assets and guidelines, and your financial tables if you are willing to share them in your pitch deck. You are free to write your own content, work with a copywriter you know or one of our copywriters experienced in fundraising campaigns.


  • Design and style proposals for your approval before delivering your actual pitch suite


step 3

Receive your pitch suite

Your executive summary is going to be designed using Adobe Illustrator and delivered in PDF format. However, you will have full flexibility with editing your deck content and numbers in due course of the funding campaign as your deck(s) will be delivered either in Keynote or Powerpoint. We know that the executive summaries don't change much but decks can see a few series of updates to financial or team slides.


  • Pitch deck in Powerpoint or Keynote

  • Executive Summary (PDF)


You can raise your chance to secure funds with a winning pitch deck