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case study

Rebranding after funding



Saas company BookingLive completed a successful rebranding to speed up their future growth after securing half a million investment



BookingLive, a Bristol-based SaaS startup went under rebranding, offers a booking software providing scheduling, reservation and purchasing experiences They work with government departments, retailers, NHS trusts and large multinational organisations such as SKY, BBC, CAPITA, and the UK Government. They raised £500K investment in a round led by Creative England and joint by Summit Group.

Clearly, they were aware that their branding and the way they communicate it was not right. Their traction had helped with attracting investors but even their investors were aware of their branding problem. They wanted to attract the right type of clients and send across the correct message.

What was their problem?

BookingLive had had some traction in business but it was still not easy for them to attract the right type of clients at a scale that could help with the company's growth. They couldn't invest in branding as much as they wanted for a few reasons including lack of funds. Besides, they tried to solve this problem working with a brand designer what that attempt failed because they realised just updating their logo was not enough at all.

How did we solve the problem?

Using part of the funds they raised for growth, we made their company ready for growth with rebranding before implementing the new marketing strategy.


step 1

Business history research and market analysis

First, I sat down with Vinnie, the founder, and his team in their Bristol office to review their branding and marketing communications. I asked them questions about the competition, their goals, client personas and how they see themselves.

At this stage, together with their teams, we tried to understand:

  • what worked and didn't work when implementing their marketing strategy

  • how their competitors represent themselves

  • how their target clients communicate

  • why their target clients would need their offer and choose them over others

step 2

Rebranding the funded startup for growth

2.1 Defining the brand meaning and value offering

We defined what their product means to their target client profile, found out why they would want to work with them and how their marketing message will convey these. 

2.2 Creating a visual representation of their market

I created a visual map of the market so that we can understand how we can help the brand visually stand out and they can create the right perception.

2.3 Designing the new BookingLive brand identity

We designed a new brand identity as part of their rebranding project. The new logo design helped them distinguish themselves from competitors in many different ways introducing a modern brand identity away from tradition for the first time in their market.

2.4 Delivery of brand guidelines and marketing collateral

They wanted us to create a simple brand guidelines document that can guide the marketing, web and production teams. We also helped them reshape their UI approach while they were working on their freemium product.


You can do this, too. 

Fire up your company's growth and increase your business value rebranding like BookingLive.