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I am a branding expert helping you create an attractive business.

Trustworthy partner
— Sara S.
He has the x-factor
— John A.
Incredibly talented
— Sally G.

During my 12 years’ experience in branding and marketing communications, I've worked with brands like Aston Martin, Maserati and Abarth in their global brand licensing projects as well as over 50 startups in the UK. This client portfolio has given me the chance to understand the needs of different sizes of companies and how they try to communicate with similar personas despite their fundamental differences.

I developed the unique Psychometric Branding method using psychometric profiling and following behavioural economics principles. It’s is a brand marketing method helping companies build a brand marketing system from start to exit day.

In recent years, I have also been involved in over 40 start-up investment and crowdfunding campaigns and advised over 60 companies in pitch production at accelerators. 98% of the businesses I have worked with have secured funding and achieved sustainable growth, and more than half of the crowdfunding campaigns I have been involved with have beat their targets for funds raised.